We Respect User Privacy Because We're Users Of Our Product Too

March 30, 2020

5 min read

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Why we do not send your data to iCloud

Recipe to Table is a great app that's made for Android and iOS. Some users of apps have more privacy concerns than others. So why don't we just send data to iCloud? Well for one, how would android users access this data? The most secure app is one that never sends data remotely in the first place. If we never sent any data from your phone to a remote location, you would have an app that becomes significantly limited in features and capability. We believe that this experience is not what our clients are looking for in a great recipe manager and grocery shopping app.

We prioritize privacy

When we started, and as we continue developing the capabilities of Recipe to Table, privacy is always on our mind. Users should be aware they can use our app without logging in (not all apps have this feature). If a user elects not to sign-in, your local app data does not get sent to our servers directly in that case. All data is local on the device. However, some events will cause data to be sent from your phone, but not to our remote cloud which hosts application data. Here are just a few examples: a user could send their grocery list data to a grocery retailer or if the application crashes then this could create a log which would send data. There are many ways data could be sent.

We do not send any data, anywhere, unless it is absolutely necessary. Even when your data is sent, in some cases it is automatically anonymized so it cannot be traced back to any personally identifiable information. We use analytics data, to give our users a better experience. Some examples of creating a better user experience may include: crash log related data or number of users that viewed a specific page of the app over time. In this case your data is sent, but in a way that we cannot identify 'who did what within the app'. Your data is protected. If users are still concerned, please check out our privacy policy or terms and conditions.

A Step Further

If you are still concerned about privacy then you may be able to take further action. Some apps will function in airplane mode. By turning on airplane mode (among other things) your phone will cease to send app related data remotely. In particular, our app will work but in a very limited state (do not expect features such as 'syncing' to work). Some apps will simply not work, when you turn on airplane mode.

Outside of our app, users may appreciate using web browsers in their respective 'privacy' modes, such as opening a Google Chrome 'incognito' window. Search engines have varying levels of privacy concerns too. Someone concerned about privacy while using a search engine may be interested in checking out Duck Duck Go.

If your looking for a mobile recipe manager and grocery shopping app that considers privacy, check us out at www.recipetotableapp.com.