How To Make A Grocery List

May 26, 2020

7 min read

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How to make a grocery list

Generally here's what we do:

  1. Find easy recipes that actually look delicious to YOU (and your family) If you plan on making 4 dinners next week, then find 4 recipes that look appealing. There are tons of websites out there to help with this (millions of recipes). We look for recipes with low prep and cook time (some recipes will list these, accuracy varies) Generally we only make recipe that use about 10 ingredients or less per recipe (more ingredients is more time shopping and cooking) We tend to stay away from recipes that require obscure cooking methods or kitchen tools (like a food processor).
  2. Once you have your recipes picked out, make sure the servings are right for your family size, and start to create a list of all the ingredients you need to make all the recipes. Now combine ingredients that are shared between recipes (taking into account similarly named ingredients, varying quantities and units of measurement, and totaling the needed amount to some shopable value, not 4 teaspoons.) Once the list is complete but before you go to the store, be sure to cross off any 'staples' (salt, pepper, olive oil) or items you might already have in your own pantry. *There are apps that have a pantry feature, but we strongly believe this is more managament on the end user and we do not believe there is a 'good' solution to pantry management. So we prefer to just look in our pantry just before going to the store or placing an online order. It's the fastest way to know for sure.
  3. Don't forget to add anything else you might need for the rest of the week to your grocery list (or however frequently you grocery shop).

There are several other tactics people use and this is just one that we prefer. Make a list of your recipes, create a list of all the ingredients, add any other items to your grocery list as you realize you need them, cross off any items you might already have!

There are loads of websites and books to find recipe inspiration from. Our mobile app (for iOS and android) can save recipes from anywhere and create a grocery list for you too. Our app is not your average grocery list app. Recipes, meal plans and the grocery list gets automatically shared to any of your invited household members. Then our grocery list takes it a step further by doing lots of smart things, like quantity and units of measurment recognition. We also automatically combine similarly worded ingredients (like 'garlic cloves' and 'fresh cloves of garlic') for you. There's also a favorites list so you can add the same weekly items to your grocery list, or use it as a template for making your next weeks grocery list. The end result is a a shopping list that is created quickly and precisely for you.

Another thing that sets our grocery list app apart, can order from your favorite grocery stores directly in the app.

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