Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a Problem

March 30, 2020

10 min read

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COVID-19 is awful. It impacts nearly all of us in some way directly or indirectly. Rather than focusing on all the negatives, let's look at how it impacts grocery shopping and then try to find some positives.

Grocery Shopping In Real Life

Brick-and-mortar grocery stores are considering 'seniority' hours to limit exposure to the older generation if they want to come directly into the grocery store. In many cases this policy may not be enforced, but instead retailer's are asking customers to respect the rule. We think this is a great idea, but there may be an even better choice for grocery shoppers.

There are several mobile apps, or online websites where grocery shoppers can order groceries. We encourage you to use any of these services that support social distancing.

Some grocery shoppers with a neutral or negative sentiment towards mobile grocery shopping are going online to try grocery shopping apps for their first time. You can do it!

There are quite a few apps to choose from in the online grocery shopping category. If you do not currently use a mobile app for grocery shopping, maybe you should try one.
If you would like to try ours, it's a free download for android and ios
We currently offer integration with select grocery retailers and will be adding more!

Some products may become scarce in grocery stores:
Smaller lesser-known grocery stores may have that item you are looking for.
Some home improvement stores may carry toilet paper.

Finding Silver Linings

It's important to remember to stay positive in trying times such as these. We encourage you to look forward to any positives that you may be able to find. Enjoy spending quality time with those in your household, teaching your pet a new trick, leveling up on a skill, or picking up a new hobby which you may not have otherwise found.

Stay healthy!