The BEST way to grocery shop in 2020

April 02, 2020

5 min read

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This is what grocery shopping should look like (screenshot of Recipe To Table above). Here's how we went grocery shopping before Recipe To Table:

  1. Discuss what we wanted for dinner this upcoming week and settle on a few recipes. Maybe add in some lunches and snacks, but our primary goal was always to figure out dinners. Estimated time: 20-40 min
  2. Get out a pen and paper, and start listing all ingredients from every recipe that we would need. Estimated time: 15 min.
  3. Re-arrange all the ingredients into their grocery store aisle categories, so that we could find the items easier when we were at the grocery store. Estimated time: 5 min
  4. Add any extra lunch or snack items Estimated time: 5 min
  5. Add any other household items we would need for the week (toothpaste, tin foil, etc). Estimated time: 5 min
  6. Drive to the grocery store to begin shopping. Realize halfway down aisle 4 that we needed to go back to aisle 1 because a product was moved to a different aisle than it's normally at. Estimated time: 45 min - 1 hour 15 min

Here's our new approach

  1. Randomize our favorite dinner recipes that are saved in Recipe To Table and pick a few for the week. Estimated time: 5 min
  2. Add any lunch, snacks, or household items to our list as we think of them throughout the week. Estimated time: 20 seconds per add
  3. Order Groceries through Recipe To Table for pickup. Estimated time: 10 min.

    Estimated saved weekly grocery shopping time: about 1 hour 30 min

We now save about 78 hours per year on grocery shopping. The pro version of Recipe To Table is 1$/month, or 12$ a year. That's like saying we can give you about 78 hours of your life to do something other than grocery shopping, and it would only cost you less than 16 cents for each hour we gave back to you. Bonus: with the amount of money we save from avoiding impulse buys when we go to the grocery store, we would have already been able to buy Recipe To Table pro version subscription for the next few decades..

We could have also just went to our local store with our Recipe To Table grocery list. Using this method would have still saved us a lot of time, but not nearly as much as order ahead for pickup or delivery through Recipe To Table.

The Takeaway

We hope you value your time as much as we do. Spend your time doing something better than grocery shopping, get Recipe To Table.